10 Amazing Pallet Furniture That Will Transform Your Bathroom

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Pallet projects are very attractive now. When most of us think of wooden pallets we harken back to centuries prior when ships and railway cars transported goods to remote outposts–hardly the source of interior design inspiration, right? Wrong! Pallet projects have been making a splash in the shabby-chic world for some time, and are finally earning a wider audience on the style scene.Repurposed pallet cabinets, shelves, signs, and racks are just a few of the implements making their way into the abode, adding a decidedly unique charm to everyday spaces.

One of the great things about pallets of wood is that you can usually find them lying around behind a supermarket or distribution warehouse. Some companies recycle them while others simply throw them away. The best way to approach these pallet ideas is to be patient in the early stages. Gather the pallets you think you’ll need.Below are 18 rustically divine pallet project ideas to transform any space this summer.

1. Mason Jar Pallet Bar

2. Cursively Yours Handwritten Pallet Sign

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