10 Awesome DIY Bookshelf Projects Ideas That Simple And Creative

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DIY Bookshelf

Another way of decorate the house is through the DIY bookshelf projects ideas. It is the way to optimize the room with adding some bookshelf. Furthermore, the appearance of this bookshelf can be use for various purpose. Not only to keep the books but also to put other accessories.

Creating a DIY bookshelf should not be difficult. Make sure to prepare the sketch, the design, and the dimension. It has to be fit in the propose room. Therefore, the right measure shall be perform.

The project shouldn’t spend too many hours. Therefore, it is a perfect time to create it during weekend. For more inspiration on how to build it, take a look below some DIY bookshelf project ideas.


Start with simple idea and shape. Such as in below pictures. Therefore, it will be easy to build and not get confusing.

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