10 Beautiful Gray Painted Furniture Pieces to Inspire You

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Before you pass by that ugly piece of furniture at the thrift shop or garage sale, or get rid of your own furniture, ask yourself how it would look painted.  It’s truly amazing how much a piece of furniture can be changed with a little makeover. No matter the shape, style or era of the piece a can of paint and a weekend project can give it a whole new look.

10 Beautiful Gray Painted Furniture Pieces to Inspire You

I recently updated a piece that sits in my foyer. It was painted with teal milk paint for a few years,and it was adorable.  But, I’ve been obsessing over gray painted furniture for a while so I decided it needed a change.

For this project I decided to try a paint product I had never used before, and  I was very happy with the results. You can see the transformation here:

Although I love my cute little hall piece, you might be looking for more gray painted furniture inspiration. So I’ve found 10  other decorators who gave their furniture beautiful makeovers with just paint and a paint brush.

1. Farmhouse Cabinet Makeover – Seeking Lavender Lane

2. Rustic Industrial Nightstand – Cherished Bliss

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