10 Cool Furniture Designs That Will Change the Way You See a Room

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The foundation of a fresh, new look in your home is definitely the furniture. New pieces not only transform the fashion of your space but also the functionality. Small tweaks can make a big change when it’s time to add or swap out some furniture, so it’s a good idea to keep your eye on the latest designs because they always offer interesting new features. Homedit has picked out 10 cool designsthat will totally reshape the way your room looks and feels.

1. A Fresh Take on The Sectional Sofa

Two wood finishes are available as are three tweed upholstery colors.

The Mesa Collection from District Eight is just as functional as the behemoth sectionals of the previous decade but is stylistically worlds away from that hulking style. Plump, chic upholstered seating is fashioned onto a solid oak base that peeks out from underneath. The table in between is also made from oak and topped with tempered glass that is supported by turned brass spindles. The cool design has a trapezoidal shape which allows you to arrange the furniture into a curved setting or a linear one when the table is turned with the wide section to the front. The versatile pieces are also family friendly because the upholstered sections are covered in a stain-proof textile.

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