10 DIY Furniture Coffee Table Ideas that are Both Practical and Stylish

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The farmhouse look is hotter than ever before. Considering that its family table inspiration is now over a hundred years old, it’s safe to say it’s one trend that’s not going to go out of style. If you’re yearning for your own farmhouse table or already have one in the dining room and want to bring that aesthetic into your living room, then you’re going to love our gallery of 10 DIY furniture coffee table ideas.

When you hear “farmhouse table,” a specific style of table probably comes to mind. Maybe you think of the long planked family table with bench seats. Maybe you think of a baluster leg shabby chic example that you’ve been admiring at the furniture store. Be prepared to expand your understanding of the farmhouse aesthetic. Our list of farmhouse coffee tables includes everything from cute cubes to industrial wooden spools.

Do you want the classic chunky farmhouse look with a distressed whitewashed finish? You might find yourself drawn to something less expected like a low wooden round on wheels. We’ve got over two dozen different takes on the iconic farmhouse coffee table. Best of all, every design is something you can make yourself!

1. How to Do the Baluster Look Yourself

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