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What is an Occasional Chair?

An occasional chair is a chair that is only used occasionally, but that in no way takes away from its importance. It can be the starring piece of furniture in a room. For that reason, it is also often called an accent chair.

Not only does an occasional chair provide functionality by providing extra seating, but it also acts as an exclamation point in a room. It ties together a look, or brings it into focus, or just provides an unexpected contrast to shake things up.

These are major accomplishments for any piece of furniture.

An occasional chair or accent chair may belong to any style, shape, color or form. The upholstery on the chair may be patterned, solid, or a combination. It can be textured or smooth, covering a frame completely, or leaving the frame uncovered. The chair that you pick depends upon the style you have in a room, and whether you want that chair to emphasize that style, or provide a sense of contrast.

1. Easton Chair

The Easton chair comes from CR Laine and features fabric with a large scale ikat pattern by Brunschwig and Fils. The crisp blue and white colors on this chair are eye-catching, and the pattern is strong enough to create an eye-catching accent in a space that needs a little pick-me-up.

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