10 Gothic Furniture Set For Living Room

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Gothic looks very scary for most ordinary people. Though the style and appearance of the goth is one of the same style as Harajuku style in Japan. Due to the majority of the colors displayed dark, making a strange and mysterious impression is very attached to the look of the gothic.

If you are a person who loves gothic style and wants to show it in the house. We have some furniture ideas that can be used to support gothic display inside the house.

These 10 attractive furniture, that can support the look of gothic in the living room.

1. Glass cabinets with black color can be placed in the living room to give the impression gothic to the guests who come. In addition to strengthening the look of the gothic in the living room, you can use this glass cabinet as a place to store various collections for display.

2. You can choose Dark purple or dark red color as a sofa color that will be placed in the living room. The motif of the sofa is very unique and different will make the impression of luxury and gothic simultaneously.

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