10 Mid Century Modern Coffee Tables That Steal Centre Stage

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Ever since author Cara Greenberg penned her 1984 book, ‘Mid Century Modern: Furniture of the 1950s’, furniture styles from in and around that period have risen in demand. The title of that book was the coining of the phrase “mid century modern”, which has become a term that rolls off the tongues of interior designers and home design enthusiasts still today. Nowadays the term has morphed to cover anything that is inspired by fashions from all the way back to the early 1930s and stretches up to the mid 1960s, just like this collection of 10 mid century modern coffee table designs of all shapes and sizes.

1.Noguchi Style Table

A classic organic triangle shape that is strongly associated with the mid century modern aesthetic. This table was designed by sculptor Isamu Noguchi who created his first furniture prototypes for Herman Miller in 1942, before this one in 1948. The creation consists of a thick glass top upon two interlocking curved solid wood legs that can be selected in black, cherry, walnut, white ash or solid white. This is an attractive reproduction that offers both form and function.

2. Noguchi Rudder Table

Imagined by Isamu Noguchi for Herman Miller in 1949, this authentic designer mid century coffee table features an asymmetrical form that matches with the renowned Noguchi Table. It is available in ebonized maple, walnut or white ash veneer over plywood, all coupled with chromed steel. The two hairpin legs appear barely there, giving the third solid leg the look of being a rudder, and thus giving the table its name.

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