10 Small Space Furniture DIY Solutions

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Small square footage shouldn’t stop you from bringing good style into your home. Apartment renters and micro home dwellers alike have to get creative with the ways in which they decorate and use space to keep the feeling airy and open. Here are 10 multi-purpose furniture and storage solutions that can help make the most of every inch of your home.

1. Transform a Wood Slab Into a Coffee Table

For a functional piece of furniture that is sure to start a conversation, try your hand at making a live edge wood slab coffee table. We’re loving the ’60s, Laurel Canyon bungalow feel of this project!

2. Make a Side Table and Magazine Rack

When decorating your small space, keeping an eye out for stylish two-for-one furniture is crucial. A side table that doubles as a magazine rack will provide a useful surface and keep clutter at bay.

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