10 Sturdy Furniture DIYs All

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You can build seating, storage, accent pieces, and more with a little ingenuity and a bag of concrete.

So, you’ve crafted a few small projects for your place and are eager to join the DIY big leagues and make yourself some serious furniture. Lucky for you, creating custom home furnishings doesn’t always require heavy-duty power saws and sophisticated woodworking equipment. In fact, you can build striking, solid pieces using a handful of fairly basic supplies—things like buckets and wheelbarrows—along with a versatile and durable material: concrete.

Yep, tables, benches, and even a beautiful addition to the bathroom can take shape from mixed concrete. As you’ll see here, devotees of Quikrete Cement & Concrete certainly create amazing stuff, and their professional-looking results belie how easy and fun the projects can be. So, whether you want some new surfaces for entertaining (indoors or out), need inventive storage solutions, or just feel like fashioning some functional furniture, get clicking for inspiration on how you can kill it with concrete!

1. Rack to Nature

This shelf design—a union of sleek slabs and wooden stems—was inspired by city sidewalks and the trees that rise above them to bring a bit of nature to the urban jungle. Once you decide what size shelves will best suit your shoes and your space, build a boxy mold out of laminate or melamine and fill it with Quikrete’s Fast-Setting Concrete Mix. The legs can be attached with epoxy after the concrete cures: Cut tapered legs in the wood of your choice—these are red oak—and finish with tung oil for a warm glow.

2. Rough Cut

For an inventive twist on the traditionally smooth concrete surface, this DIYer opted to show off the interesting insides of the material on this shelf support. To expose the raw, textural beauty, vertically cut a slab of Quikrete Concrete Mix (which has a nice mix of aggregate), using a circular saw with a diamond blade. Don’t worry about getting a clean edge—the irregularity is part of the piece’s rugged charm! Square shelves of warm dark wood add just the right contrast.

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