11 Unique Furniture Ideas Made of Lego

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Children and adults alike must be familiar with one construction toy called Lego. Since the basis of this toy is constructing something, it is very interesting to see how the players try building any type of shapes from human to house by interlocking the blocks and combining different colors altogether.  What makes it even more amazing is, people use Lego to construct life-size furniture to adorn their living space. Are you curious what furniture Lego can make for your home? Here is the list of 11 unique Lego furniture ideas we have gathered for you.

1. Lego Desk for Workspace

Instead of going with a traditional work desk, your office will be more interesting if you place a Lego desk like this for your workspace.

2. Upcycled Lego Table

Giving a touch of new color to your old furniture seems like something conventional. But if you include Lego in your furniture makeover project, the result will be anything but ordinary and conventional.

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