15 Awesome Furniture Designs Inspired by Small Spaces

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Furnishing a small space is a challenge but definitely not a reason to get depressed about it. Think of it as an opportunity to explore all the ingenious ways in which you can save space and a chance to familiarize yourself with a bunch of cool furniture designs and concepts that you would otherwise not know about. As it turns out, finding furniture for small spaces is not that difficult these days as a lot of designers focus on innovating the basics specifically so efficiency or studio apartments can be stylish and functional too. Of course, it’s not just the furniture that helps make a small space enjoyable and practical. Things like moving walls or large windows have a positive impact on the big picture as well.

Chairs and benches that make storage easy and fun

1. Chairs are always great to have around just in case you need them for guests and certain activities. Storing them when they’re not needed, however, is a whole different story. Designs like that of the Comoda Chair shown here make storage easy but not in the most traditional way.

2. The Hanger Chair is even better when it comes to space efficiency and easy storage. This is a chair that folds flat when you don’t need and which can be stored just like a clothing hanger. You can put it in the closet or hide it behind a cabinet and you would need very little space for that. The chair was designed in 2008 by Philippe Malouin.

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