15 Awesome Furniture Designs Inspired by Small Spaces

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Tables and desks with secrets to hide

3. Tables, much like beds, occupy a lot of space and are only used in certain situations, the rest of the time just standing in the way and taking up space that could otherwise be used in other manners. This is a drop-leaf table that can be neatly stored on the wall and which reveals a few shelves when down.

4. This is a combination of two elements, both incredibly practical and space-efficient. One is a pull-down bed which can be conveniently stored on the wall when not in use and the other is an extendible console table. Together they make this tiny space stand out for all the right reasons.

5. A lot of people fancy the idea of having a pool table in their home and would even get one if it weren’t so big. But while having a pool table doesn’t seem like a very practical idea, especially in a small home, having one that can double as a dining table is quite enticing. The Wood-Line table is exactly that – a two-in-one piece that lets you turn your dining area into a game room by simply sliding off the wooden top.

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