15 Awesome Furniture Designs Inspired by Small Spaces

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Space-saving beds and sofas

6. How could a bed not take up a lot of floor space? Well, it’s quite simple actually. Have you ever seen a Murphy bed? A lot of ingenious space-saving furniture designs are based on this idea. Some of them were presented at ICFF by Resource Furniture, including this wall bed system which allows a living room to be turned into a sleeping area in a few seconds.

7. With the Habitat in Motion series featured at Salone del Mobile in Milan, Clei introduced a movable wall unit which allows a space to serve as a living room, dining area, office or bedroom, its function being determined by configuration chosen by the user based on his needs. In other words, the wall system can hide inside its compact form a double bed, two bunk beds, a desk and a modular bookcase and these elements would stay hidden or would conceal other elements allowing the room to stay neat and spacious.

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