15 beautiful ideas to inspire you create wooden furniture in and out of your home.

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Do you prefer furniture made of planks or those made of logs?

The wood will always bring a warm atmosphere to the decoration of a home. So if you are looking for a way to make your home a little more welcoming because it seems a little bit too cold with very modern decor and maybe even industrial, you may know that it is possible to add some pieces of wood in your decor.

Old boards will be perfect for modern and industrial decorations. However, all furniture made of logs won’t have place in modern decorations. Simple structures are reserved for modern style and curved structures for antique or rustic style. It’s easy to remember and you’ll understand while seeing the ideas below.

Here are 15 ideas for you to get inspired:

For example, this kitchen island made of old planks perfectly match the modern decor. Because there are simple structures.

Some ideas with logs!

A fountain made of logs – A wall made of logs. Benches made with logs and glow-in the-dark paint a path made of logs Benches and a table made of logs and a coat rack made of tree branches.

1. A vegetable garden surrounded by tree trunks.

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