15 DIY Turquoise Furniture Makeovers

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I love turquoise. Can I say that again…..I love turquoise. I have several turquoise furniture makeovers in my past. The color seems to be making a comeback or maybe it never left. Turquoise just screams happiness.  It brightens rooms, it draws in the eye, and it makes me do the happy dance.

Turquoise Furniture Makeover

If you have a piece of furniture  that no longer fits in your home or your décor you can get rid of it or you can give it a new life. It’s usually cheaper to give it a new life than go out and buy something new. I’m all about saving money so I would opt for working with it and see what happens.

It’s hard to imagine the end transformation in your mind until the project is started. You will be amazed how one coat of paint will get you pumped up and impatient to finish the project. If you’ve ready to take the plunge I have a bunch of turquoise furniture makeovers for inspiration. Three of the projects are mine from earlier times. I’ve painted a lot of turquoise pieces and you may not have seen these.

15 DIY Turquoise Furniture Makeovers

1. French Provincial Desk and Hutch

This piece is the picture at the top of the post.  The project was a custom job for a lovely young lady. She loved the makeover.

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