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The even more exciting part is that I recently got Home Right Finish Max paint sprayer and so now I’m so excited to get started. I just need a day to make it happen and well, summer is sorta kicking my booty with fun and besties coming to visit, so there hasn’t been as much time to dive into big projects. But don’t worry. I have some fun stuff on the books that I plan to start next week.

So I thought to really get my creative juices flowing I’d do a little homework and gather inspiration.

I used to redo furniture a lot, but haven’t in a long time and there are just so many options when it comes to redoing an old piece of furniture.

1. I’m pretty sure this is an IKEA dresser too but with an ombre paint job that is to die for! This whole room is so stinkin’ cute. The fading of the color from one drawer to the next would be a super easy way to get the ombre look without having to worry about blending at all.

2. This dresser was redone by my friend Katie at Upcycled Treasures. It was really ugly before, but with this deep blue paint and those amazing copper pulls that she added it is stunning!

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