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Looking for a stylish way to keep your canine comfy?

Dog crate furniture gives your dog a private space to relax that can also double as a piece of home decor!

Read on as we detail the advantages of dog furniture crates, what to consider before grabbing one, and which dogs are best suited towards these types of kennels.

Why Do Owners Choose Dog Furniture Crates?

Unique Style

You don’t see many dog furniture crates in the majority of homes (although who knows why? They’re awesome!), making them a unique element. Owners who enjoy an eclectic sense of style may like separating themselves from the pack with a dog crate that is truly different!

More Attractive Than Plastic Crates

Many owners end up opting for modern dog crate furniture because they get so sick of looking at their dog’s ugly plastic or wire crate every day. Dog crate end tables and crate table tops are designed to look like real pieces of furniture, making them much easier on the eyes.

Fashionable & Functional Double Use

Dog furniture doesn’t just look great – many are functional too! It’s always nice to kill two birds with one stone, and dog table beds do just that. They provide a space for your dog to snooze, as well as an end table to place a lamp, magazine, or other household items.

Saves On Space

Furniture-style crates are an especially smart choice for apartment living or close quarters. Dogs beds take up valuable floor space, so if things are already tight, a table crate can free up more room to move around in your home.

Your Dog Can Be Part Of The Action

Due to the unattractive design of traditional plastic and wire dog crates, our four-legged pals often end up stuck in the corner or in a laundry room. This is no fun for our pets, who want to be where we are! End table dog crate furniture can be placed seamlessly into a living room or other area of home happenings, allowing dogs to comfortable hang out with their favorite humans!

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