7 things to remember when buying outdoor furniture

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These eight tips for selecting and buying outdoor furniture are all you need to know before you set out on your next shopping trip

7 things to remember when buying outdoor furniture

1. Remember to measure up

Planning and measuring is key. Choosing your outdoor furniture can be a big investment so it’s important to have an idea of your measurements and layout before you hit the shops.

The size of furniture can also be quite deceptive when it’s on display in a store, so before you go and fall in love with that long ‘loungey’ couch make sure you’re equipped with the exact measurements of your space. Think about the placement of the furniture, you don’t want your space to end up feeling too cluttered.

Finally, consider the orientation your garden, where do you get the sun the longest? Do you have a spot that’s sheltered from the wind or do you need to create one? Ask yourself practical questions about your garden to know what furniture will fit best.

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