8 Smart Furniture Solutions For Small Homes

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3. Maximize seating with a modular sofa

Sectional seating helps you make the most of a tiny living room, letting you add as many or as few pieces as the space will allow. A corner setup not only boosts the space allocated for sitting, but creates a cozy nook for sociable gatherings.

Here, because the seating sits just below window level, and with the help of a strategically placed Union Jack cushion, the eye is drawn to the window, subliminally linking the inside with the outside and making the interior feel larger than it is.

4. Select slimmed-down pieces

Vintage and antique furniture pieces often have petite proportions — we’re much bigger than our ancestors — and work well in tiny rooms. Look for small, slim card tables that are elegant enough to be used as bedside tables, and small, armless slipper chairs with low legs that will transform a tiny corner into a cozy reading nook.

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