8 Smart Furniture Solutions For Small Homes

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5. Create just enough room for two

If there isn’t enough room for a dining table and you don’t entertain a great deal, then don’t waste valuable space on a large table and chairs. Instead, consider a tall, bistro-style table and a couple of high stools that can be tucked neatly into a corner and create a stylish nook for mealtimes.

Glass is a good choice for small spaces, as it doesn’t obstruct sight lines as much as solid materials, while shiny metals and glossy whites will help to bounce light around the space and open it up.

6. Create sociable seating in a small alcove

A built-in bench makes the most of a small alcove for seating many people. For best results, commission a carpenter to build one to your specifications and factor in underseat storage for a fabulously chic dual-purpose furniture setup.

Upholstery in rich velvet or linen is a smart touch. Consider using the same fabric for any window treatments to create an elegant but pared-down feel to the tiny space, and to give it a simple, harmonious look, rather than chopping up — and therefore shrinking — the space with different shades.

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